Julie Nunn, I Do! Event Design

"I love Dr. Britton!!
She has not only saved me from former foot and shoulder pain that I have had since I was sixteen years old but, now has been instrumental in my overall wellness and happiness with my pregnancy and the birth of my son. She goes over and beyond the call of duty and is so talented, caring and amazing and what she does!! I swear by her ability to heal - my husband -a former firefighter for 14 years and now on an ambulance for a neonate transport as well as owning his own contractor business, has been relived of much shoulder, arm and back pain by Dr. Marilyn Britton as well. My sister also joins us in our admiration. If my family lived closer, I would send all of them to her!!!

Tim McCracken, President - Marin Cyclists

Marilyn has helped me dramatically with several areas of my body. I was experiencing pain in my shoulder, my neck, my lower back and my knee. In just a few short weeks the pain has been reduced substantially. I really like the way that she works on the muscles in the problem areas instead of just the bones. I have a greater range of motion in my neck, shoulder and back than I have had in years. Over the years I have tried several different Chiropractors, acupuncture and body workers and I think that Marilyn's Active Release Technique is the best! Thanks

Nancy Mimms, Fine Tuning Precision Training

As a dancer personal trainer and group fitness professional, my body is under above average stresses. With regular A.R.T. treatments, Dr Britton has kept my 65 year old body pain free and in top performance condition.

Gabe Brown, Freestyle Web Solutions


I have always avoided chiropractic methods of rehabilitation. I never understood how cracking bones could help to heel my soft tissue damage. At the same time, nothing else has really worked to help restore the range of motion and comfort back to my torn shoulders. That is, until I went to see Marilyn. This little woman packs a big punch!

In one session she was able to free my shoulder up enough so that I could begin work strengthening it on my own. I have since been back for a session on my other shoulder and have been working out free from pain and with a much more free range of motion.

Having the full use of my shoulders is worth every penny. I work hard and want to be able to play equally as hard. Marilyn has become a key part of the recipe in my over all fitness.

Loni Mahanta, Counsel at Lyft

Marilyn helped me with a hand problem while I was nursing my first child and with low back pain with this pregnancy. I can't recommend her more!